It’s Not Just a World of Things…

it’s the Intelligence of Things™.

We add intelligence to things creating smarter connected-devices, making your life simpler and easier. Woven into the fabric of connectivity, it is time to move into the Age of Intelligence.



Expand your imagination as we transform all spheres of life and pace ahead of the rapidly changing semiconductor technology.



We drive the momentum of your  vehicle! With our comprehensive array of solutions GlobalEdge unlocks the unlimited possibilities of automotive industry.



Be the first to experience the next big thing in IoT with our combined strength of technologies, solutions and services for 2G, 3G and 4G.


Consumer Electronics

From audio and entertainment electronics to mobile applications and wearables, we create the best experience for IoT.


Industrial Automation

Make manufacturing intelligent and efficient as we evolve your factory shop-floor with novel technologies and cutting-edge internet-connected devices.



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