Lossless, high-quality audio playback over WiFi – anytime, anywhere

GlobalEdge's Audio-over-WiFi technology is an application-independent, low-power, wireless solution for all your wireless audio connectivity needs, ensuring complete reliability while playing audio over a WiFi network.

Way ahead of Bluetooth, Audio-over-WiFi implements a lossless codec and supports multiple users with no pairing limitations and most importantly, provides better coverage.

The stack works as an audio output device, enabling CD quality stereo audio playback on smartphones, A/V receivers, wireless headsets, and wireless speakers. It also reduces interference from other devices, such as Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, and is capable of a greater range coverage.

Salient Features of this technology include:

CD-quality stereo audio playback
Low power requirements
WiFi range of nearly 100m
Application-independent, Windows and Linux reference solution available

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