Telematics & the Connected Car

The global market for Telematics and Connected Vehicles is increasing at a very fast pace. Research reports indicate that Automotive Telematics Market will be worth $45 billion by 2019. According to these reports, the current global penetration of automotive telematics is around 48%. This is expected to go up to 62% by 2020. The Asia Pacific (APAC) automotive telematics market is expected to reach US$ 15,248 Million by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 11.6% during this forecast period. Increased vehicle production and sales, regulatory reforms and improved telecom infrastructure are some of the factors which are driving APAC automotive telematics market. This presents huge opportunities for growth.

At GlobalEdge, we are working closely with our customers to enhance our telematics solutions across several areas which include:

  • Vehicle Network Connectivity
    • Traditional Buses: K-Line, J1939, CAN, etc. along with the associated protocols
    • High Speed Buses: Ethernet and Automotive Ethernet Buses including 2-wire Ethernet and AVB
  • Telematics
    • Automotive Gateway – Wi-Fi, CAN, K-Line and Cellular Gateway providing remote access to vehicles for live vehicle status updates, location information, braking patterns and firmware updates for the ECUs in the vehicle
    • eCall capable telematics solutions
  • V2X Solutions
    • DSRC / WAVE Stack based on 802.11p and IEEE 1609
    • WAVE Applications based on J2735
  • Cloud
    • Fleet Management
      • Location
      • Service
      • Driver and Vehicle Management
      • Route Management
      • Geo-fencing
    • Vehicle Diagnostics and Analytics
      • Alarms and Status monitoring
      • Wear-and-tear analysis
      • Driving Pattern Analysis

Our expertise in this area is differentiated by key factors which include:

  • Our expertise in vehicle network connectivity that comes from our core strengths in developing products and services.
  • Our strengths in integrating wireless stacks for various wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and Cellular which enable our customers to leverage our expertise of over a decade.
  • Our Labs, Test Frameworks and Test cases that enable testing for various connectivity solutions
  • Our Mobile Software Management technology (FOTA) framework provides the perfect support to upgrade any ECU in the vehicle with OEM support. It can be easily integrated with Cloud Platform and is supported for CAN Network
  • Another key differentiators is our Remote Diagnostics expertise which is a complete ECU Diagnostics Development based on OBD II, J1939 and UDS. It comes with WiFi enabled Garuda and can be used for Fault management




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