Test Lab Services


Wireless LAN (WLAN) interoperability testing is an important requirement for successful development of WLAN devices. This also mandates an elaborate automated set-up to ensure minimal human intervention.

GlobalEdge has built a Wireless LAN (WLAN) interoperability test lab in which wireless stations, access points, and peer-to-peer devices can be tested in a fully automated environment. Our lab has all the equipment required to test the entire spectrum of IEEE and Bluetooth SIG standards.

Utilization of our WLAN Interop lab facilities guarantees the following:

  • More accurate results in an automated environment
  • Significant cost savings through reduction of your overhead cost
  • Shorter testing cycle time which translates into faster time-to-market for products

Test Framework Features

  • Automated Interoperability testing
  • Choice of test devices from a qualified master list
  • Testing of devices on wireless station, AP and P2P modes
  • Platform-independent test scripts for Linux, Android, MacOS, and Windows
  • Independent packet captures and analysis for each test case
  • Throughput measurement using IxChariot or iperf
  • Automated configuration of APS from various vendors
  • Resource manager for all test resources
  • Negative test case verification
  • Graphs and throughput analysis

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