Design and Development

The lowest BoM, least power consumption and smallest form factor are critical for an embedded product to be successful in the marketplace. We believe, by virtue of having delivered multiple programs over several years, that software is a critical component that helps our customers achieve the above parameters through its smartness and craftiness to make use of the available hardware resources.

At GlobalEdge, with a rich experience in a wide variety of hardware and software, we design, develop and transform a marketable idea of our customers into a saleable product. Our Embedded Product Development services range from idea generation, product conceptualization, design, development, testing, certification, manufacturing and subsequent product support. GlobalEdge provides the competitive edge and time-to-market advantage through our proven software engineering methodologies.

With dedicated teams for the technology domains of focus, GlobalEdge has the technical capability and domain knowledge to quickly turn around a product from requirements to proof of concept or prototypes. Our engineers adopt the required skills, as may be needed, to interface with any proprietary software.

Some of the areas in which we offer substantial value-added design, development and testing services based on our expertise include:

  • Platform
    • BSP and Device Drivers for all major operating systems and RTOSs
  • Wireless
    • Wi-Fi MAC, Drivers and Applications
    • Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE Stacks and Profiles
    • LTE / 4G Protocol Stacks
  • Networking
    • Network Protocol Stacks like DHCP, DNS, TFTP and others
    • Security Protocols like Kerberos, SSL, SFTP, SRTP, etc.
    • Provisioning and Remote Management applications using SNMP and/or TR069
    • VoIP
      • VoIP / Video Telephony based on SIP/IMS, MGCP, 3GPP IMS Extensions
      • PacketCable™ 2.0 & 1.5 Stacks
      • Integration of DECT with VoIP / PacketCable™
  • Cellular
    • Development of Multimedia Applications
    • Prototype Wireless Applications for Wireless Cameras, Headsets, Speakers, etc.
  • Cloud
    • IoT Integration
    • SaaS Platform and Application Development
    • DevOps


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Maintenance and Support

GlobalEdge enhances and addresses the information technology industry’s need of sustenance and maintenance of a wide range of software and products.

Some of our support and maintenance services include:

  • Platform Maintenance and Sustenance for various Processor Cores and Operating Systems
  • VoIP and Video Telephony Product and Stack Maintenance based on SIP/IMS, VoLTE, MGCP, H.323
  • 3G / 4G Wireless Product and Stack Maintenance
  • Development and Maintenance of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MAC Firmware
  • Wi-Fi Device Drivers for various interfaces, RTOSs and Applications
  • Customer Support for Bug Fixing, Enhancements and Customization


We would love to meet you to understand your business challenges and showcase our capabilities. For a free demo, please contact us

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GlobalEdge has established dedicated labs and centers of excellence to further boost our testing capabilities in the rapidly evolving field. Our team of specialists helps customers with Pre-certification testing and Interoperability testing using proven test-tools, methodologies and frameworks developed in our all-inclusive lab with an ever-growing device inventory and use-case scenarios.

Validation and testing are the cornerstone of successful products that work reliably and evoke customer delight. The advent of newer frameworks, greater level of automation, more stringent benchmarks and compliance requirements are driving a sea-change in the domain of verification and validation.

At GlobalEdge, we accord due importance to this critical phase of product development. A practice that lends itself to all our technologies and industry offerings, our expertise spans all stages of product development. At the very core is our SoC validation and testing, followed by testing at the protocol stack and middleware frameworks, application, product, and system level. Product qualification testing, that certifies that a product is ready to go-to-market, is another key focus area.

GlobalEdge is your powerhouse for all embedded testing needs!

Our offerings include:

  • White Box Testing
    • Functional
    • Unit Testing
  • Black Box Testing
    • Sanity
    • Integration and Regression
    • Compliance / Conformance
    • Performance
    • Stress & Stability
    • Interoperability
    • Use Experience Testing
  • Labs and CoE
    • WLAN and BT Test Labs
    • LTE Test Lab



  • System, Product and Application Testing
  • Wi-Fi, BT and Cellular Modem Testing
  • Interoperability / Co-existence Testing
  • IOP Testing for APs, Stations, P2P, Miracast
  • Pre-certification and Product Qualification
  • Development of Test Automation Frameworks and Tools


We would love to meet you to understand your business challenges and showcase our capabilities. For a free demo, please contact us

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