Communication & Device FDT / DTM


DTMs applications can range from a simple graphical user interface for setting device parameters up to highly sophisticated applications that, for example, can perform complex calculations for diagnostics and maintenance purposes or can implement arbitrarily complex business logics for device calibration. This demands razor sharp precision and clarity of understanding which is what we, at GlobalEdge, take pride in.
In today’s market, maximizing plant assets is critical for success. DTMs provide a centralized remote access point for horizontal and vertical data flow, allowing for a safer work environment by reducing the number of trips to the field and lowering start-up and commissioning costs. End users are experiencing these benefits of FDT technology and supporting it, strongly. DTMs have even been named as “the key driver for smart devices”. At GlobalEdge, we are working with our customers to ensure that we create solutions that are ahead of the market curve.

Our key offerings include:

  • DTM Framework Development
  • Device DTM Development
  • Frame Application and Middleware Development
  • DTM Testing and Test Automation
  • DTMWizard – Customization
  • Middleware Development
  • Specification Activities for FDT

At GlobalEdge, we enable you to take high quality, reliable and intuitive FDT DTM devices to the market.

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