IoT Gateway

Unparalleled IoT enablement and integration for all verticals

GlobalEdge presents intelligent IoT Gateway solutions, which are multi-radio access points that cater to the needs of all IoT industry verticals.

From home automation and wearable technology to industrial automation equipment, our base IoT Gateway platform supports the management of all interfaces and frameworks. With built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, and 802.15.4 interconnectivity, this platform revolves around our IoTReflex framework that enables immediate local reactions to alerts from events captured by the base platform.

Our universal platform supports:

Automated response and control
Reports and provisioning
Data collection and analytics on the cloud
Communication with the cloud either directly or via the IoTReflex framework
Platform-independent test scripts
Supports a range of third party frameworks including AllJoyn, Open Connectivity Foundation, and others

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