As a result of the Internet of Things, it is not only people who are being connected via the Internet, but also the “things” that are associated with our daily lives. This connectedness not only allows us to monitor the world around each person or process but also to analyze, predict, and control it in ways never before imagined.

With  its deep embedded systems expertise, GlobalEdge has always been working to bring together embedded systems; be  it through embedded platforms, sensor integration, connectivity, or remote monitoring and control. We conceptualize and develop products that are secure and can survive in harsh and inhospitable environments. To make sure that all systems function as designed and are secure, we provide our customers with the benefit of independent verification and validation services using our time-proven test processes, test automation tools, and a large bank of readily available tests cases that encompass several technologies.

GlobalEdge’s involvement in the IoT is multi-faceted. We work with core technologies that are required to build the complete technology stack, that deal with edge devices and connectivity, and go all the way up to the cloud.  We are geared to work with our customers in any stage of the engineering lifecycle, from conceptualization and architecture through to design, development, and testing, and the deployment of complete IoT systems. We have the technology to leverage Virtualization, Cloud, and Mobility to track and monitor human and machine behaviour, both individually and collectively, to predict possible future outcomes.


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Industrial Automation

Our highly-customizable multi-radio IoT Gateway can easily be integrated with devices, applications, and equipment, and provides a wide range of functionalities for effortless automation. It facilitates automated response and control, data collection, and analytics on the cloud. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is being used as the low-power wireless technology of choice for a wide-range of wearable devices and sensors. Our independent single mode BLE stack can be used in extremely small embedded devices due to its low memory requirements. GlobalEdge’s energy-efficient Serial2WiFi devices enable seamless wireless communication even in the harshest of industrial surroundings. Our stack endorses ultra-low power consumption and can be effortlessly integrated with a WLAN chip or external microcontroller that is interfaced to the WiFi radio. Our USB-over-WiFi stack is easy-to-set-up and provides remote access to USB devices over a WiFi network. The modular design enables the device to be used either as a stand-alone hub or be integrated into a variety of consumer devices. GlobalEdge has many years of experience in developing both the electronics and the software for industrial devices. Combined with our rich connectivity experience and readily available solution like the IoT Gateway, BLE Stack, and other wireless connectivity solutions, we provide our industrial automation customers design, development, and integration services to incorporate these technologies into their new IoT-enabled devices. Further, we also develop Cloud applications and analytic algorithms to create insights and value from the collected data.

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