Unified connectivity for Microcontroller based devices

Are you looking for a unified, cross-platform solution to connect your small footprint microcontroller-based devices to the network?

Look no further. The Serial2WiFi stack from GlobalEdge lets you do exactly that and more.

Not only does Serial2WiFi enable your microcontroller-based devices to access a WLAN and the internet by connecting to a wireless network via a serial interface, but it can also be integrated as part of the WLAN chip firmware or on an external microcontroller that is interfaced to the Wi-Fi radio for effective M2M communication.

Significant Features of this platform include:

Extended AT command set for WLAN and TCP/IP connectivity
Available as a stand-alone or integrated solution
Cable replacement mode to enable Wi-Fi in legacy embedded systems
Virtual COM driver that allows a single host communication with multiple Serial2WiFi device

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