Cellular M2M

Based on global trend research reports, the Cellular M2M market is on a steady growth trajectory. This growth, obviously, puts significant pressure to ensure steady and reliable solutions for customers. Trends in this segment include increasing the efficiency of business processes, adding new product features, building closer relationships with customers and facilitating new business models. So far, the focus has been on efficiency savings but increasingly companies are seizing the opportunity to use embedded intelligence and connectivity to switch from selling products to selling services. At GlobalEdge, we are working with our customers to deal with new and emerging demands of this evolving market. We enable our customers to connect their devices to the Network using Cellular technologies.

Some of our expertise in this area include:

  • Remote Configuration Management and FOTA
  • SMS Configuration
  • GPS / GLONAS Integration
  • Modem Manager to connect to various networks for roaming across CDMA, GSM and LTE Networks
  • Remote Monitoring of Temperature, Voltage and other device parameters


We have helped our customer build products like Mobile IoT Routers, Remote Monitoring Devices, Remote Diagnostics and FOTA Update Solutions for Vehicles, etc.

What sets us apart:

  • Support roaming across multiple networks
  • Experience working with Modems from various vendors
  • Complete solution development from ideation to implementation


We would love to meet you to understand your business challenges and showcase our capabilities. For a free demo, please contact us at:

Phone No. : +91 80 7100 6677
Email Address : sales@globaledgesoft.com