Cellular (2G/3G/LTE)


We specialize in cellular protocols especially Radio Access Network and provide product engineering services across all cellular technologies including 2G,3G, LTE and LTE-A. Our engineering services spans across eNodeB / Small Cell, Modem solutions and EPC solutions.

Our offerings include:

eNodeB / Small Cell and Modem Testing

eNodeB / Small Cell System Testing
Stability, Features and Performance Testing
3G/LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence Testing
Interoperability Testing

Cellular Modem (UE) Testing

LTE/WCDMA/GERAN protocols and VoLTE conformance testing
RF conformance testing
Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT)

Test Automation and Test Accelerators

LTE eNodeB / Small Cell Test Automation Framework
Test Library of 5000+ test cases including Carrier Aggregation and LTE-u
VoLTE compliance Test Automation Framework

LTE WiFi-Offload and LTE Wi-Fi co-existence

LTE WiFi-Offload Framework solution sustenance, maintenance & testing
LTE WiFi-Coexistence Solution testing, test case repository and test automation
VoLTE and VoWiFi
VoLTE, IMS, RCS, VT/ViLTE solutions feature enhancements and sustenance
Platform migration for Android and Windows 10
Customization specific to carriers/operators

Cellular M2M

M2M Gateway
Middleware development and enhancements
System integration of third-party modem modules and modem manager
Customization specific to Carriers requirements for Cellular M2M solutions and Carrier Acceptance Testing of M2M modules
Device monitoring, control and management
GPS, A-GPS Integration
Target Applications – Telematics, Smart Energy, Smart City

Field Testing and Log Analysis

Field test execution and log analysis –LTE, 2G/3G
Test Plan Creation
Route characterization
Network Study & Test Execution co-ordination
Field Functional / Performance / Throughput Testing
VoLTE, CSFB Testing

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