LTE Wi-Fi Offload and Coexistence


Our experience in developing a pluggable ‘LTE Wi-Fi Offload Framework’ gives customers a time-to-market advantage with respect to development, testing and deployment of LTE Wi-Fi Offload products in operator network.
GlobalEdge has extensive testing experience in coexistence testing on multiple RF technologies such as 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and BT. We have proven experience in verification of multi-mode (3G/LTE & Wi-Fi) Small Cell access points solutions w.r.t interference, performance degrading and Radio link failures.

Our Design, Development and Testing offerings include:

  • LTE Wi-FiOffload Framework solution sustenance, maintenance & testing
  • ANDSF driven Offload policies for enforcement of UE and eNodeB/Small Cell behavior
  • LTE Wi-Fi Coexistence Solution testing, test case repository and test automation
  • End-to-End testing of 3G/LTE – Wi-Fi Coexistence
  • Leveraging Test Library of 5000+ test cases including Carrier Aggregation and LTE-u
  • Leveraging LTE RAN Expertise (LTE L2/L3/L4 protocols stack) for development, sustenance, maintenance and features enhancements of Small Cell and Cellular Modems
  • Working on Core Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac technologies
  • Enterprise Solutions like Hotspot 2.0, Roaming and WLAN Management
  • WLAN Driver development, porting, integration and optimization
  • WLAN feature enhancement for VoWiFi and LTE-Wi-Fi handover
  • Complete Wi-Fi Functional, Protocol, Performance and Stability Testing
  • DUT Interoperability Testing
  • Pre-Certification and Certification assistance of Wi-Fi components


Our combined in-depth expertise on Telecom and Connectivity helps customers build future-ready solutions at an accelerated pace.Customers can leverage GlobalEdge expertise in developing, sustenance and testing of LTE Wi-Fi offload framework solutions.


LTE Wi-Fi Offload framework feature summary:

  • ANDSF framework
    • Discovering of non-3GPP Access Networks
    • Dynamic updates of framework parameters and functions using OMA DM protocol
  • Policy controller
    • Inter System Routing Policies (ISRP) – Allows to access multiple radio access technologies simultaneously
    • Inter System Mobility Policies (ISMP) – Allows to access a single radio access technology
  • Seamless handover mechanism
    • Secured access on S2c interface, both for trusted and unmanaged or un-trusted hotspots
    • DSMIPv6 – Ensures a smooth handover that works in a make-before-break manner over S2c interface
    • EAP-AKA/SIM Authentication
  • IFOM -IP Flow Mobility is a mechanism to provide seamless Offload of a data traffic.
  • OMA DM client
    • Provisioning – Configuration of the device (including first time use), enabling and disabling features
    • Device Configuration – Allow changes to settings and parameters of the device
  • Connection manager

Connection manager provides notifications to the LTE Wi-Fi Offload framework for triggering data offload functionality upon the detection of a RAT from Wi-Fi to 3GPP packet core network and vice versa

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