SON Framework


Our expertise in SON product engineering services & accelerator, such as pluggable ‘Distributed SON Framework’ can provide customers time to market advantage with respect to development, testing and deployment of SON products in operator’s networks.
Distributed SON framework is a pluggable module which can be used as an accelerator to scale / customize for meeting customer requirements.

Distributed SON framework feature summary:

  • Easily Portable, Scalable, Extendable and Integrate with Small Cell solution
  • Well defined interfaces towards 3G/2G, OAM, S1 & X2
  • Self Configuration feature
  • Self Optimization feature
    • Automatic Neighboring Relation
    • Mobility Robust Optimization
    • Physical Cell Identity
  • Weighted performance based handover optimization algorithm
    • Resolving Confusions and Conflicts

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