UPnP / DLNA Stack

Simplified Digital Media Sharing across all Plug-n-Play Devices

Sharing photographs, movies, and music has never been easier – thanks to GlobalEdge's UPnP/DLNA stack. We offer a small footprint DLNA Media Server (DMS), DLNA Media Renderer (DMR), and DLNA Media Controller (DMC) implementations for digital media sharing across televisions, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

The stack is compliant with UPnP and DLNA specifications and interoperability guidelines defined by DLNA. The DMS uses the UPnP protocol to perform device discovery, and the DLNA protocols to transfer media to compatible DMR devices for playback under control of the DMC.

Key Benefits of choosing our UPnP/DLNA stack include:

UPnP-compliant and DLNA-certifiable solution with no external dependencies
Portable design with well-defined OS abstraction layer
Configurable number of simultaneous connections
Smaller footprint with modular design
Configurable dynamic memory utilization

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