Bangalore – 6 May, 2014

GlobalEdge Software Ltd., an embedded software solutions and services company focused on Wireless, Telecom, Networking and Automotive technologies organized “techEdge 2014”, the company’s annual technology festival for the year 2014 and also the inauguration of its new 70000 Sq. Ft. facility at Global Village Technology Park. It was a full-fledged event with infrastructure setup for each of the demonstrations showcased by each of the practices. The practices showcased some of the emerging technologies in the area of Automotive Electronics, LTE Technology, Industrial Automation, Video Sharing, Android Testing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and loads of next generation solutions which GlobalEdge is working on.

The facility was inaugurated by the Country Head of a leading semiconductor company and techEdge 2014 was inaugurated by VP R&D of India’s leading automotive OEM company. This was followed by Mr. Harish Mysore, Director -IEEE, India Operations launching the collaboration of IEEE with GlobalEdge.

The magnanimity of the fest was evident with exuberant participation of not only GlobalEdge and Dearborn employees but also the alumni of GlobalEdge Employees who are working with well-known multinational companies across the globe, taking their time off to be a part of the fest.

Some of the demos put across were Bluetooth LE Profiles for HRM and GPS, Bluetooth Interoperability, Wi-Fi Miracast, LTE L2/L3 Stack, VoLTE & SON, Cellular Wireless Test Automation Framework. On the multimedia front an embedded UPnP / DLNA stack and Networked Audio were demonstrated. The Automotive practice showcased its recently launched wireless enabled vehicle diagnostics tool – Garuda Wi-Fi, which is the first vehicle diagnostic tool made in India.

M P Kumar, Founder Chairman and CEO of Global Edge Software Ltd, said that this fest was in line with keeping our tradition of showcasing cutting edge technologies in the different domains that we operate. It was heartening to see the participation of all the alumni of GlobalEdge and thanked them for showing their gratitude with their presence at the fest.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that “Among others, the main goals of the company was to upgrade the facility and service provision to customers, sufficient and on time development of the work area and care for its modernization and its economic quality, introduction of new technologies, the development of new IT systems for customers, the assurance of equal and transparent access of all interested Consumers, as well as the active participation and presence in Indian and International activities related to semiconductor & embedded industries” he said.

With a vision of being a leading technology company, transforming the embedded world with innovative solutions and services, GlobalEdge Software Limited, a SEI CMM Level 5 certified ISO 27001 & 9001 driven company has been continuously working on achieving new heights in the area of embedded software solutions and services. GlobalEdge has been providing comprehensive services on Mobile Application, User Interface, Operating Systems and various mobile platforms. Expertise spans across 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE technologies.