As is the saying ‘there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way’, a harmonious mind, a kind heart and a helping hand will create extraordinary happiness; not just within you but also your colleagues. It is said that most successful people are happy, but this goes without any saying that all happy people are successful in some or the other way. One should try and ignite the happiness from within and not practice self-loathing. All the power to make oneself ‘happy and satisfied’ or ‘sad and remorseful’ with life, is hidden inside a person. One just needs to ignite the potential of being happy, come what may.

Happiness is a journey not a destination. As rightly said, one needs to find happiness in little things he does. This has the potential to boast up mood and therefore keeping you happy. One should make happiness a conscious choice and not an achievement. When your state of mind is cheerful, working would be fun and lifestyle stress would gradually reduce.

 Get into a job that makes you happy, no matter what. Ignite passion for your work and not just for the perks it is fetching you. Working hard towards a dream job is good but sacrificing your happiness today to be happier tomorrow is not right. One will never be satisfied in this manner. Be content with what you’re doing whilst striving for more. Believe that all will happen in due time. There’s no hurry!

 The secret ingredient for happiness is ‘Being Human’. Treat everyone as equal to yourself, help others, and do not judge your colleagues. Holding a grudge for a long-time can affect you both physically and mentally. Acknowledge something that annoyed you, and let it go. It is exhausting to hold on to something that made/makes you feel bad. To err is to human; forgive and forget is the key. Forgiving others will make you a happier being and you can find peace at work just by letting go of what’s not of importance.

 Ideas for Happiness at work:

  • Create avenues for Inner Engineering at work
  • Inner cleansing is KEY
  • Fulfil the unstated needs of employees
  • Being Inclusive
  • Being truly caring
  • Make mistakes, learn from them
  • Do not surrender to perplexities, hold on to calmness
  • Be resilient and go on to do greater things
  • Realize that the problems you’re facing today will vanish tomorrow and you’ll eventually not even remember them.

 Thus, smile even when in a problem. This will reduce the complexities, giving you space to tackle the problem.

About the Author

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Naganagouda SJ is the Vice President & Head – Human Resources at GlobalEdge Software, He is an avid speaker and motivator, and has been awarded multiple times for his leadership and vision. He can be reached at