Let’s cut to the chase here; we live in a VUCA world. In other words, a space strife with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Think about it; citizens from across the world are rather unpredictable, united in their approach to modern life, and ambiguous with their decisions overall. And the commonality? It’s technology, a treat that bends the mind.

TREAT (Technology. Revolution. Education. Aspirations. Threats.)
There was no turning back after the industrial revolution, and technology – it’s continued to revolutionize the world ever since, from the way we think to how we live our life. It’s everything, a part of our ecosystem, down to the bare basics. This is an important point to focus on, especially with innovation rampant across all walks of life. With education, the transformation lies in the digitization of the classrooms, for example – course materials, secure PCs for remote proctoring to enable testing from the comfort of your homes, and more. There’s a lot to look at.
It ties in, technology-revolution-education, but what of the other two components in the treat that we’re often offered on an almost daily basis? The shrinking world; with accessible internet comes exposure to the world, and with said exposure arrives the thought of dreams, cracks in our mental framework to break free and dream, to have and hold onto aspirations. At the same time, the roads to dreams, well, they’re crippled with factors that threaten failure. It’s for you to overcome, for you to rise to the challenge and become something, someone.

Believe in the Power of Dreams
Have you heard of the Dhing Express? Hima Das, it’s her nickname – an Indian sprinter that ripped through the tracks at the 2018 Asian Games, clocking a national record for the 400m category at 50.79 seconds, and locking our hearts with love and admiration. She was also the first Indian athlete to bag a gold medal at the IAAF World U20 Championships.
But success of such stature, Hima Das’ success, isn’t a product of whimsical desires. This was a product of dreams, forged with blood, sweat, and tears. That’s what it means to dream, to do a country proud, to breathe a winning mentality. In fact, Nike acknowledges the achievement with autographed, special edition shoes – a long way from practicing across paddy fields without shoes, given her then socio-economic status.
Hima Das became someone.

How Do We Make Dreams Come True?
Short answer? Avoid overconfidence. Avoid sitting on the success or laurels of the past. It’s about always asking yourself, what’s next. This is important to remember, because the past does not assure anyone of continued or consistent success. It takes more than that, to be intellectually, emotionally and physically ready to handle and overcome obstacles; it’s the only process to follow should you ever desire to convert those dreams into reality.

Main Khelega
It translates to “I will play” in English. This comes from another story of legend and inspiration, the unforgettable test match of 1989 that pitted India against Pakistan. At the time, we saw a 17-year-old debutant at bat, a boy who would later grow to become one of the most iconic figures in the sport of cricket – Sachin Tendulkar.
Tense with drama, the match witnessed fast-bowler, Waqar Younis, a debutant for his side – now widely regarded amongst the greatest bowlers of all time – injure Sachin with a bouncer. Having faced several blows to his body from the Pakistani pacers, Younis’ bouncer had managed to draw blood from the Indian’s nose; but with grit and an unyielding form of determination, Sachin announced, “Main Khelega!”, despite being advised against it.
At his next turn at the crease, the Indian batsmen knocked Younis’ ball for a boundary worth four runs. It was symbolic and spoke of more than merely his talent. At the time, the world witnessed something more, an announcement that would represent the start of a legend – fearless yet smart, a form of bravery steeled to face and overcome even the most herculean of challenges.

Adapting with PACE (Passion. Aspiration. Clarity. Expertise.)
Change is the only constant in our world today, and adaptability is the lifeblood to our survival. Align your PACE with the right knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits; make it a process, the formula for your success. No matter who you look at, be it a young athlete making big strides on a global level, or a sportsperson who once wove stories of legend with the bat – the commonality lies in their PACE.
In conclusion, don’t halt at the examples offered in this article. Explore and navigate to find your source of inspiration, regardless of profession; find your muse. With enough determination, it’s unlikely for anyone to stop you from igniting change, from igniting your limitless potential. After all, it’s your duty alone to live up to that.

About the Author

Naganagouda SJ Vice President & Head – Human Resources. He can be reached at naganagouda.sj@globaledgesoft.com.