The market today is at a tipping point between wired and wireless technology, with more and more consumers preferring the freedom offered by the wireless medium. This is where Bluetooth plays a crucial role. Organizations that can position themselves as the one-stop-shop for all the necessary solutions a client is looking for are primed for success.

There are three main profiles of Bluetooth that are popular today, which include A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP. There is a massive demand in the market for the development of these profiles, their implementation, and fixing bugs. Clients are on the lookout for enterprises with innovative ideas, connectivity solutions, and a wide range of testing services.

The critical factor that decides the success of a project is the experience that the firm has. For example, experience in working with Vendor Development Kits enables organizations to understand better what tools the designers need to develop applications, and the tools testers need to implement interoperability testing for any MCU vendor.

The importance of innovation cannot be understated. Solutions must include research on newer technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio. But the understanding must also diversify into changes in the experience and the overall difference it makes to the end consumer.


This is where we come in. We have proven ourselves as a market leader in Bluetooth technology with our work in low power connectivity, audio/voice/video/streaming, and sensor fusion for the wireless audio market, making us an essential figure in the field.

Our Bluetooth Qualification services ensure product compliance with the Bluetooth technical standards. We have an array of experts who have solid technical knowledge of the field. We offer world-class services that assist the client in improving the quality of their products.

GlobalEdge offers high-quality testing services with our focus on delivering agile operations with cutting-edge technology. Our Bluetooth end to end capabilities starts from the controller to the product used by the consumer. We are ahead of the rest with our in-depth analysis and reporting adding considerable value to what we offer. In a market where there is a lot of competition, we stand out with our experience and technical expertise.

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