The advent of newer frameworks, a greater-level of automation, and stringent benchmarks for compliance are driving a sea of change in the domain of verification and validation. GlobalEdge covers a spectrum of advanced testing solutions and practices, which identify and analyze the gaps in our embedded systems, and accelerates time-to-market of our products. We have developed end-to-end testing expertise for every solution, at every level of product development.

GlobalEdge has established dedicated labs and centers of excellence to further boost our testing capabilities in the rapidly evolving field. Our team of specialists has helped customers with interop testing using proven test-tools, methodologies, and frameworks, developed in our all-inclusive lab, with an ever-growing device inventory and use-case scenarios.

“It has been a pleasure to engage GlobalEdge for product engineering services for several years now. GlobalEdge has continually proven their commitment to great quality of software deliverables. I feel confident in recommending GlobalEdge for engineering services for prospective customers.”

Technology Leader, American multinational semiconductor company

“I am amazed by the ability of GlobalEdge Software Ltd. to inclusively train engineers and deliver successful projects from offshore. We are happy to have long fruitful association with GlobalEdge Software Ltd.”

Director, American Semiconductor Company

“The team is very fast! We have chosen the right software house! Thank you very much for cooperation and strong support from India.”

Project Manager, Japanese Automotive Tier1


Our strategic alliances are the core pillars of GlobalEdge that help us build your personal Internet of Things. We have established long-term, successful relationships with our alliance partners. Our reputed partners have powered GlobalEdge to deliver state-of-the-art IoT solutions, and leverage best-in-class technology and service capabilities.