With a large population comes a large talent pool. The question, however, lies in whether or not the individuals within that talent pool are truly talented. New age digital skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented/Virtual Reality, User Interfaces, Natural Language Processing, and more are the need of the hour, and countries are spending huge amounts in R&D to ensure they’re at the forefront of these technologies. China has spent $400 billion. India? Only a meagre $50 billion. It’s simply not enough, and change is required.

We have the ability to embrace new challenges and make the most of those opportunities by following the LAP Model of Transportation. The model is segmented as follows:

  • Leadership & Learning

The speed at which things change is unbelievably fast. What took 3 years to change earlier, has now changed in 18 months. What took 18 months to change, has now changed in just 6 months. And what took 6 months to change, has now changed in a mere 6 weeks. Our ability to cope with change will be dependent upon our ability to have discipline, dedication, determination, and devotion to everything new in life, and will depend upon the responsibility, dignity, and integrity with which we approach our work.

  • Attitude & Aspiration

Key success factors for anyone these days are the ability to stay humble and stay nimble, working with the mission to be a wolf amongst sheep, developing an extraordinary calibre of qualities, and learning to move from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence. The right attitude is the right recipe for success.

  • Passion & Performance

Passion is 24/7. It ignites hunger. And hunger kindles a keen interest in achieving supreme performance. Make knowledge your most valuable currency and leverage it to continuously find new ways to make the most out of new situations. With a continuous desire to learn, you’ll never have to worry about what you earn.

To grow our nation, and the value of our human capital, change begins with the individual. After all, the age-old saying will always hold true: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

About the Author

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Naganagouda SJ is the Head of HR at GlobalEdge Software, He is an avid speaker and motivator, and has been awarded multiple times for his leadership and vision. He can be reached at naganagouda.sj@globaledgesoft.com.